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Purchasing pre-owned medical equipment is a highly effective way to Maximize your Capital Budget. We have saved countless of Hospitals, ASC's, and Urgent Care facilities thousands of dollars on equipment buys.

As a medical equipment brokerage our mission is to be your ally and partner in locating and obtaining the equipment you need at a fraction of the cost.


When you are buying new medical equipment, do you question if you are getting a fair trade-in value? Perhaps your lease buyout is priced to high? We can run a secondary market Fair Market Valuation to find out what the real value of your trade-ins/ lease buyouts are. Time and time again we have shown our clients that we can yield a higher return on your used medical equipment and if positioned correctly, you can still get a discount on the new equipment you are buying. We have saved facilities thousands providing fair market valuations of medical equipment that is on lease. Clients want to know if the buyout price on their medical equipment lease is competitive. If the lease buy out is to high, our detailed valuation will provide you the proof to renegotiate with the leasing company.


We will provide you with a detailed inventory of your capital medical equipment. A Clinical Asset Analyst will design and conduct a customized fixed asset inventory and asset management survey. We will provide you with a detailed list of actual assets located in your facility and where they are located. A typical fixed asset inventory/audit consists of applying a property barcode tag to each asset inventoried. Each barcode will have specific data associated with each asset.

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