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​Used Medical Equipment

We Buy/Sell New & Pre-Owned Medical Equipment. We work with Hospitals, Surgery Centers, GPO's, IDN's,and various other Medical Organizations around the Globe and offer an extensive range of "Patient Ready" Certified Medical Equipment at a cost that is unmatched.


Refurbished Medical Equipment for Sale

Buy Used Medical Equipment

Purchasing Refurbished Medical Equipment is a highly effective way to Maximize your Capital Budget. We have saved countless of facilities thousands of dollars on medical equipment buys. The secondary market for medical equipment is huge and there are many reputable companies that offer a wide range of equipment from patient monitors to Radiology Suites. As a medical equipment brokerage our mission is to be your ally and partner by sourcing the equipment you need and under budget.

Sell Surplus Medical Equipment

​Sell Used Medical Equipment

If your facility has Surplus Medical Equipment that needs to to be sold, then  we have the answer! Whether you are calling for a one-time sale or ongoing asset management, we will quickly and efficiently put a program in place so you can free up space and generate revenue with your idle assets.  Our services include Clean-Outs, Closures, Auctions, Warehousing, Re-Marketing and Sales. We pay top dollar with a Certified Bank Check or Wire Transfer!

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